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    Expert Advice

    Expert advice

    Expert Advice

    A. Yes, both the table lamp and the ceiling lamp are imported Samsung lamp beads, healthy spectrum

    A. Yes, it's the same as in the offline mall

    A. It has passed the HUAWEI HiLink certification and is an ecological product. Dalen is a HUAWEI HiLink strategic partner.

    A. Suitable, the light pole can be adjusted in a wide range, and can be used for different heights

    A. T3 is an economical model, the uniformity is 77% higher than the national AA traditional table lamp, the T3Pro is larger in size, and the uniformity is twice as high as the national AA traditional table lamp, the better the uniformity, the less fatigue of children's reading and writing, and the more eye protection.

    A. It is suitable, using imported Samsung lamp beads, the display index Ra>95, and the color performance is very good.

    A. Download Huawei Smart Life App, there are many practical modes to use

    A. The illumination of the desktop is that the national AA is bright enough, and can illuminate the entire reading and writing space 360

    A. Very firm, passed tens of thousands of shaft tests, exported to Japan

    A. National AA standard, and the stereo light table lamp lights up the entire reading and writing space, making the reading and writing environment more comfortable

    A. In the Huawei physical store, the Huawei Smart Choice cooperation model belongs to the traditional surface light source table lamp. The Dalen flagship store focuses on the stereo light table lamp. On the basis of the national AA, the uniformity is better and the eye protection is better. Dalen's core technology product.

    A. The Dalen cooperation model in the Huawei store is a table lamp with surface light source, which conforms to the national standard.

    A. The stereo light table lamp emits light up and down, and the light evenly spreads over the entire desktop, which reduces the difference between light and shade in the surrounding environment, relieves eye fatigue, and protects the eyes more than traditional table lamps; the industry national standard requirements are 3, the Darren stereo light table lamp T3 uniformity is 1.7, T3 Pro The uniformity of the lamp is 1.5, and the uniformity of natural light during the day is 1. Therefore, the closer the uniformity of the desk lamp is to 1, the better the eye protection, and the more care Darren cares for the user's health.

    A. The technology of light-emitting panel for eye protection table lamp is Daren's patented technology, Chinese patent number: ZL201821701238.7, and Darren has formed a whole series of products such as stereo light table lamp, stereo light ceiling lamp, stereo light chandelier and stereo light night light.

    A. The Darren stereo light table lamp not only emits light up and down, but also the illuminance of the light below is in line with the national AA standard, which is bright enough.

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