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    The overseas market

    Overseas Market

    DALEN has 6 companies in the world, located in China, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic;

    Through the unremitting efforts of the company and sales partners at home and abroad over the years, 

    Dalen's products have been sold in more than 30 countries and have won a good market reputation.

    The growing R&D team is the core driving force to promote Dalen's rapid progress and create a happy life. 

    Dalen's belief is rapidly being realized.

    Overseas Market(圖1)

    Overseas Market(圖2)

    DALEN in HK

    Overseas Market(圖3)

    DALEN in HK

    Overseas Market(圖2)

    DALEN in Netherlands

    Overseas Market(圖3)

    DALEN in Italy

    Overseas Market(圖4)

    DALEN in Germany

    Overseas Market(圖5)

    DALEN in Czech

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